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We take care of your teeth

Whatever your dental care needs, you're in the right hands with us. From dental prophylaxis and acute toothaches to fillings and implantology, we will take care of you and your teeth. As much as possible, you can find our pricing on this page. You can also always make a free consultation appointment and receive a free quote. If we are ever not your best option for a problem, we will send you to a trusted colleague—transparently and without complications.

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Dental care

Routine check-ups for your dental health

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So that we discover everything before it gets worse

Going to the dentist is often not always easy, however very important even if you are not experiencing acute discomfort. Many dental diseases can be prevented by regular check-ups. For example, thanks to regular check-ups, eight out of ten children are now caries-free and the proportion of adults with tooth decay has fallen by 30 percent. On the other hand, adults are increasingly suffering from the gum disease periodontitis, which is often discovered too late due to a lack of regular check-ups.  In our completely painless preventive examinations, we identify possible damage to teeth, gums and enamel, so we can intervene before it is too late. It is also important to monitor the course of these diseases if they are already present, so it does not come to the progression and worsening of the symptoms. Regular check-ups also fill the bonus booklet, which provides subsidies from the health insurance company if a bridge, prosthesis or crown is needed.  For legally insured persons, routine checks are billed directly through the health insurance, of course without additional cost. We are also happy to include you in our recall system in order to follow the recommended six-monthly check-ups without any problems.

Professional tooth cleaning and prophylaxis

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For even cleaner and healthier teeth

Plaque and food residues can accumulate in dental spaces and at the edge of the gums despite daily brushing and use of floss. There they can cause inflammation and tartar.  In the worst case, they even lead to periodontitis and tooth loss.  That's why we offer You additional, thorough cleaning for optimal protection.  Prophylaxis mechanically removes accumulated hard and soft plaque, preventing tooth decay, inflammation and tartar. The teeth are then polished and fluoridated to strengthen the enamel. In addition, we also recommend a fissure sealing in the patients younger than 18 years, which seals fine grooves on the tooth surfaces and effectively prevents tooth decay. Since prophylaxis protects you from the expensive treatments in the future, we recommend it at least once a year. For this purpose, we prepared two professional dental cleaning options:

Student discount
Students must not forget their teeth either. For this reason, we offer you a professional tooth cleaning for 69€ when presenting your student ID.

Fresh & Clean Student

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Tartar removal
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Removal of surface discoloration
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Care & Protect

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Deep scaling in the tooth neck area
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Rinsing to reduce bacteria
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Oral hygiene education
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Nutritional advice

Dental preservation and dentures

Dental fillings and dentures

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To restore your oral health

If a tooth has been infected by tooth decay, we can easily restore the tooth substance through fillings and inlays. The filling or inlay is glued to the tooth accurately so it can ideally return the natural shape of the tooth for a lifetime. In case a filling is required in front or in the back of your teeth, we offer composite fillings.  

Since the teeth of our patients are important to us, we always refrain from mercury-containing amalgam. We also exchange the old amalgam-containing fillings when necessary.  Our fillings can be billed directly through your health insurance company without additional payment and we also offer you cost-effective option if a filling in the tooth color is desired.

If a tooth filling is not enough to restore the function or the esthetic, we also offer You the option of crowns and bridges.  The crowns are individually custom-made for You in Bremen (Germany) and permanently fixed on the tooth to give it back its original shape and resilience.  In addition, it is possible for us to close entire gaps of missing teeth with bridges.  For a permanent hold, the outer teeth are used as pillars and the gap is filled by a ceramic scaffold, so that no difference to the natural teeth is visible.

Periodontitis treatments

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For tooth retention and stability before it's too late

For a long-term beautiful smile, a healthy gum is the alfa and omega. However, inadequate care and bacterial coverings can trigger periodontosis -the gum disease.  Periodontosis is one of the most common diseases in the oral cavity and almost every other person suffers from it.  This often-unnoticed disease can lead to swollen, reddened gums, bleeding and loss of gums, loss of the jawbone and finally the tooth loss. However, with regular monitoring and early detection, our periodontitis treatment can protect You from long-term damage.

During our treatment we educate You about the disease and make sure to stop the further development of periodontitis. For this purpose, the tooth and root surface are completely freed from plaque and the infection caused by bacteria is stopped.

Root canal treatments

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Because not every tooth needs to be pulled out immediately

Before, if a tooth has died or became inflamed, it has often been pulled out. Thanks to modern technology, not every tooth has to be pulled out directly nowadays but can be saved by root canal treatment. In a root canal treatment, the bacteria in the root canal are removed mechanically. The tooth is then filled and sealed so that no further bacteria can penetrate. Finally, the tooth regains its original shape through a filling and/or a crown. Through such a treatment, we can return the affected tooth to its normal function and keep it in Your mouth for many years without having to worry about dentures.


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Give back to your body what it had already lost

Laughter, speech and eating without any worry – that for we have implants. Whether individual teeth or entire rows of teeth, implants completely replace the functions of the damaged or missing teeth and, unlike dentures, are firmly inserted in the jaw.  As a result, implants offer the highest level of resilience, safety and comfort. Our materials are always biologically neutral and allergen-free. Our dentists are educated to the latest standards and equipped with extensive experience.  After the first examination, we define a treatment strategy tailored to your needs.  Talk to us or arrange a consultation via our app, the first consultation is free of charge for You as always.


Acute toothache

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Because you don't have to deal with toothache

Whether throbbing, dull or pulling - toothache affects our quality of life immensely. Although, there are numerous homemade remedies, the dentist is irreplaceable. That is why we take care of you in our practice in case of acute toothache or tooth inflammation as soon as possible. However, in order to avoid unpleasant waiting times, the easiest way is to register online via our app. There you can see directly when we have a first available appointment for you. You can also reach us by phone at +4942136491916.

Pain-free treatments and anxiety patients

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To take away your fear of the dentist

The fear of the dentist is known among many of us. However, nothing should stand between you and a beautiful smile – especially not fear. That is why we are especially prepared to help you if you find it difficult to go to the dentist. Please contact us and we would be more than happy to find a solution together with you to offer you a painless and fearless therapy.

Dental aesthetics

Bleaching and veneers

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To make your teeth even more beautiful

 To make Your smile even more beautiful, we offer professional bleaching and veneers. Bleaching brightens Your natural tooth color, making them look brighter and more natural. For this purpose, light and intense discoloration is removed from the tooth surfaces by a bleaching gel without making them look unnatural. Our procedure shows a clear difference even after the first treatment. For minor flaws, as well as punctures, tooth gaps, or severe discoloration of the teeth, we also offer veneers.  Veneer is a thin, translucent ceramic shell that is fixed/glued to the tooth surfaces. For this purpose, the veneers are individually made according to your wishes. Due to their long durability, very good tolerability and their natural aesthetics, they excel to correct blemishes. In addition, veneers are gentle on your teeth. And needless to say, we use modern products that spare the gums and enamel in every treatment.

ClearCorrect splints

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For straight and gapless teeth

Straight and gapless teeth are an absolute ideal of beauty. However, tooth misalignments and gaps affect not only your smile, but also your health. If the teeth are unfavorable position to each other, the daily brushing of the teeth can be difficult. The result is tooth decay and gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss. In addition, chronic headaches can develop due to the uneven strain when chewing. Our practice offers you the almost invisible correction of tooth misalignments with transparent splints of the ClearCorrect. With these removable and transparent splints, we can effectively correct tooth positions and gaps. Often this type of treatment is faster than the insertion of conventional braces. In order to find out whether such therapy is suitable for you, we are happy to arrange a non-binding consultation. It is also possible to show you in a 3D simulation what your teeth will look like after the therapy.