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dentist1 Bremen - internationales Praxis Team

About us

More than just a dentist

What began as a roundtable discussion about the necessary change in dentistry in the summer of 2018 finally became a reality a year later in the form of dentist1. We are building the dental practice of the 21st century—in all aspects.

From our treatment concept, which puts prevention in the foreground, to our values, which are firmly anchored in all areas of the company, to our partnership: we want to be one step ahead of the future.

dentist1 - Internationales Praxisteam

Practice team

Since November 2019, our first unbeatable team of dentists has been working near the University of Bremen. We speak German, English, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian and Arabic.

Sanja Lozic
Sanja Lozic
Noura Odeh
Noura Odeh

Dentist1 team

Our company is led by vastly experienced dentist.

Dr. med. dent. Wolfgang Pfannenstiel, MSc. Msc. Implantologie/Paradontologie
Dr. med. dent. Wolfgang Pfannenstiel, MSc. Msc. Implantology
Dentist, CEO & Training Officer

Dentist1 partner

With strong partners for organizational development, digital products and global charity, we bring the dental practice into the 21st century.

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